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11 out of 1.3 billion

The world’s first documentary about Football in China

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The Question

Why is China, the sports nation known for the Olympic Medal rain, not able to form a proper national football team? How is it possible that a country with 1.3 billion people, and almost as many football fans, can’t get their act together and play football on world level?


One of China's 1.3 billion potential talents.

'Will to improve and money to spend'

China certainly has the will to improve and the money to spend. International top players and coaches are flown in from the west for millions of dollars. But is it possible to copy the art of football? What is really holding the Chinese back from performing better? Why do we never see any kids kick a ball between the skyscraper forests of modern China? 11 Out of 1.3 Billion; Football in China sets off on a quest for answers to these questions and starts at the bottom.

The fans and enthusiasm are there...

Featured in the documentary

The film

Six year old Yangkun (Kevin) is crazy about football, talented, and lucky enough to have exceptional parents who support him in this goal to be admitted to the Number 4 Primary School. At this special school kids get football training after the regular classes.

While Kevin is doing his best to improve his skills we meet many people on and around the football pitch. Chinese and foreign players and coaches, international stars, specialists and even a sports doctor explaining about the Chinese physics, they all have their own ideas about what holds China back from becoming a football super power. The die-hard football fans are very clear in their predictions about when the Chinese squad may win the world cup: “not in my lifetime”…

Through famous and some less famous players, coaches and fans, a surprising image if China as football country is drawn. Interviews are illustrated with footage from the Chinese football practice. The film is informative and entertaining. 11 Out of 1.3 Billion: Football in China is the first film about football in China and is full of ambition, enthusiasm and surprises.

A must see for Football fans and people interested in Chinese culture alike.


This film is produced by a collaboration between STUDIO-DL and About Asia Cross Cultural Works.

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11 out of 1.3 billion